ITT JR. Program

ITT Fall 2023-2024 Schedule

Class Descriptions :

ITT Junior Development Class Descriptions : 

TT Tiny Tots ($10/class)

The ITT Tiny Tots level is designed to introduce the youngest player (4 - 5 years old) to the basic skills and techniques of tennis in a fun environment.

ITT Red Ball Level ($20/class)

The ITT Red Ball level is designed to teach kids the basic tennis strokes and work on rallying skills. The focus of this class is teach players how to rally the ball back and forth and develop a solid technical foundation

ITT Beginner’s Class ($20/class)

This class is very similar to our red and orange ball classes but aimed at older players who want to learn tennis with players of their own age. We use a variety of balls, activities and teaching method to teach the basics of tennis and develop rally skills

ITT Orange Ball Level ($20/class)

The ITT Orange Ball Level is the next class in our development pathway following Red Ball Level. Here players work on refining technique, improving movement, and rallying on a 44-60ft court

TT 100/Green Ball Level ($32/class)

The ITT Green Ball Level is the next class in our development pathway following Orange ball/beginner's level. In this class players use the whole court to work on rally skills, techniques like topspin are introduced and players are preparing to play USTA tournaments.

ITT 250 ($42/class) 

The ITT 250 Level is the next step up from the ITT 100/Green Ball level. The focus in this program is to now develop control, spin/slice, and consistency of ground strokes, volleys, and serves. In this class we start to introduce simple tactical patterns and discuss basic strategies

ITT 500 ($42/class)

The ITT 500 Level Program is the next step up from the 250 Level program. This is the second highest level we offer in our program. The focus in this program is to now develop strokes with more power, placement, consistency, and spin. The drills used are more intense and require more physical stamina. 

ITT 1000 ($42/class)

Our ITT Masters Level is our highest level of training we offer. It is by invitation only and features some of the best players in Northeast Ohio.The focus of these drills are to develop pattern/tactical awareness, weapon development, and game-style development. This drill is two hours of high intensity tennis with very few breaks.

Other Classes Offered for Students : 

Tennis 101 

This is an entry level tennis clinic to help teach high school beginner players how to play the game. This tennis clinic will focus on the basic fundamentals of tennis and teach students basic stroke production. The goal is to develop rallying and match play skills as quickly as possible.

Tennis 102

This is a step up from tennis 101, players here will be working on developing their movement, technique, rally skills and point play

How often should your child play? 

The United States Tennis Association recommends the following : 

Cancellations Policy : Clinics can be canceled online or by calling the front desk with 24 hour notice. If there is a family emergency or illness we will allow a makeup anytime within the session, but advance signup is required. 

Packages : Families purchase packages per a child and these packages of classes can be used anytime during the session dates. 

All purchased packages must be used up within the same session, please do not buy more than you child can use. Unused packages cannot be transferred from session to session 

Online Payment Options:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Club Account 

All ITT families may use the club account option to pay for match plays, drills and lessons if they have a card on file with the club. You may have to contact Coach T at 504-715-3985 to have this setup. 

Families will have 30 days to come in and pay their balance off in person, but after a balance exceeds the 30 day threshold then the card on file will be charged at the end of the month for the overdue balance.  

In Person Payment Options : We accept all methods of payment at the front desk.