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Construction Blog

´╗┐Construction Update : 10/26/2021

Courts look beautiful! Grey pickleball lines going down shortly, full speed ahead. Hoping to open our doors to the public at 4pm!

Construction Update : 10/22/2021

Second coat of paint down on the courts! Ceiling is up in the lobby and bathrooms are being clean and finished up. The glass is on on the North Courts as well.

Construction Update 10/06/2021

Lights are up! insulation is all done, right on schedule!

Construction Update 9/10/2021

Good Evening!

Just a quick construction update!

We are finally all dried in, the roof looks fantastic and everything is right on schedule for a mid to late October opening!!!

Please stay tuned for more information about adult drills, pickleball programing and more over the next few weeks.

Construction Update: 9/2/2021

Hello! Just a quick construction update !

Roof is almost complete, HVAC units installed, the new canopy and covered patio is being worked on.

Decided on Stadium Blue and grass green for the tennis courts, with black painted Pickleball lines. (See picture of Elysium Tennis)

Things are moving along as planned!

Construction Update : 8/29/2021

Just another quick construction update !

The roof is complete on the North End and over the middle!

Framing crews are busy this weekend framing the upstairs.

Should have the roof completed by the end of this next week!!

Construction Update: 8/24/2021

Just a quick weekly post!

HVAC units were delivered yesterday and are being installed today!

We are going to have an incredible climate controlled environment within the facility with the new HVAC system and insulation.

Construction update 8/21/2021

All the required steel Is in for the roof and the basic structure for the roof has been replaced and repaired. Over the next week or so the roof should be completed and the building completely sealed off from the elements. Brand new insulation and duct work is being installed daily.

Once the the roof has been completed, we will get the courts resurfaced and then we should be good to open for play.

Our current projected soft opening date is October 18th, 2021.

Please stay tuned for more updates !